Striped Bass Conservation Coalition (SBCC)

Tournament Rules


Team Tournament Trail

1.        Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament director. Decisions of the tournament director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. 

 2.        The SBCC will not be liable for any accident or injury to contestants or spectators or for any damage to property.  A contestant's entry into this tournament constitutes a release of liability to the SBCC, and any other event sponsor's, their successors and/or assignees, for any such accident, injury, or property damage the contestant may be involved in.  Every contestant is responsible for reading and understanding these rules, the SBCC Competition & Point’s Program rules, the SBCC Code of Conduct.  A copy is available on the Internet at, or may be viewed on request to the tournament director.  Each contestant, by entry into any of these events, consent to the requirement to take and pass a polygraph exam to be eligible to win any cash and prize. 

 3.        This is a boating and sporting Captain’s choice team event and is thus limited to fish caught with rod and reel from aboard a specific team boat.  Fish must be caught by anglers registered in the competition from the same boat registered in the competition.  Fish caught from a different boat, or while the angler is outside the boat are not eligible.  All contestants must have a valid fishing license as required by the State.  All State game and fish laws must be obeyed.  Unless required by law, there is no limit as to the number of rods used, nor is there a limit to the number of people allowed aboard each boat during the competition.  U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements must be followed.  The team captain is responsible for the actions or inactions of the team, as it pertains to the SBCC competition.


4.        Fish entered must be caught only from the Lake Proper.  The Lake Proper has no off limits period before the event.  The boundaries of the Lake Proper shall be defined as navigable waters to include rivers and creeks leading to the Lake Proper.

5.        The SBCC tournament competition hours for all competitions (including any changes) shall be as announced by the tournament director NO-LATER-THAN 7-days prior to the event.  Lines in will be approximately 30-minutes prior to Official Sunrise for the location of the tournament and will be announced by the tournament director.  Lines must be out of the water by 3:00 PM. The tournament scales will open by 4:00 P.M. and all teams must be checked in by 4:00 PM, and the scales will close upon “Last Call” by the tournament director.    You must check in with the record keeper to be considered "checked in".  The tournament director may announce extensions to the check in "last call" time.  Additionally, if the event is done in conjunction with a host club, the SBCC may adopt the host club’s start and end times for the event. In this case the tournament flyer promoted by both organizations (as updated within 7-days of the event) will take precedence.


6.        Trailering will be allowed.  All events are a “lines in/Lines out of the water” tournament with a check-in deadline.  See tournament handout/flyer for more details on specific event details.

7.        Participants must take their fish directly to the tournament weigh-in station line after off-loading them from their boat.  It is the sole responsibility of the crew aboard each boat to off-load and present its catch for weighing.  A crewmember must accompany fish to the weigh station.  It is the responsibility of the contestants in the tournament to bring only their largest eligible fish to the scales.  The official scale will not be used to cull fish.  The captain of the team MUST be present at the weigh-in, or special permission granted by the region Tournament director for special emergencies.

8.         In cases of a tie in the 2-Fish Team Tournament, the largest fish will determine the place the boat will receive.  If the boats are still tied, the ultimate tiebreaker will be a coin toss. In the BIG STRIPER Tournament, all places tied will split the money equally!


9.        Any species of True Bass Family (Striped bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, yellow bass, etc.) may be weighed in for the SBCC Striped bass competition.  Live fish will get priority at weigh-in.  Dead fish brought to the tournament area MUST be in a container not visible to the general public.  All dead fish must be immediately removed from the public view after being weighed.  Unless otherwise required by regulation, all fish must be a minimum of 18-inches long to be eligible for weigh-in  If a Tournament-within-a-tournament (TWT) is done in conjunction with a host club, the host club’s minimum size length will apply only for the TWT portion of the event.

10.      All fish (both those submitted for weigh-in and those held in the competitor’s boat) are the property of the SBCC and all contestants must agree to relinquish their rights to such fish.  Anyone wanting a trophy fish for mounting must get the approval of the SBCC prior to departing the weigh-in.  All fish must be either alive or in fresh condition or they will not be accepted for weigh-in.  If a dead fish is presented to the scale, it must be in fresh condition with clear eyes, red gills, firm flesh, etc.

11.      Teams are eligible to win only one (1) place in the 2-Fish Boat Tournament.  However, teams are allowed to weigh in two (2) fish in the Big Striper Tournament and are eligible to win up to two BIG STRIPER Tournament Prizes.  All members of the True Bass Family (Striped bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, yellow bass, etc.) are eligible for the BIG STRIPER prizes.

12.      Teams late for weigh-in will follow the SBCC Tournament Procedures for penalties.  Roadside and/or any other emergency situations that prevent arriving to the weigh-in site prior to the “check-in deadline” are no excuse.

13.      Any team receiving a citation from any law enforcement official during the tournament event hours may be subject to a weight penalty of up to 100% for that day of the tournament.

14.      Any contestant showing signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who operates a boat in a manner which might endanger others, WILL be disqualified.  Public consumption of alcohol during the tournament hours will not be accepted.  Any team warned, but choosing to not following this rule WILL be subject to an SBCC Code of Conduct violation and disqualification from the event.

15.      Any protest against contestants must be filed in writing (within ten 10-minutes after the scales are closed) with the SBCC tournament director, and must be accompanied by a cash protest bond (no checks) of $250.  Each team protesting must provide a separate protest bond.  All protests must be in writing stating the specifics of the protest.  If protest is upheld, the money is returned, if not it is used for conservation.  See SBCC Tournament procedures for specifics.

 16.      Contestants who violate any of the tournament rules including the Code of Conduct are subject to disqualification and/or penalties.   



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