Striped Bass Conservation Coalition (SBCC)


Purpose and Objectives

The Striped Bass Conservation Coalition, Inc. is established for the specific purposes of organizing anglers with common interests in
    *  Understanding striped/hybrid bass fishing
    *  Preserving the striped/hybrid bass fisheries across the United States of America


The SBCC will target areas where anglers and biologists can put resources together to promote, preserve, and protect the striped bass fisheries in both fresh and salt water. A major function of the Coalition is to help promote and develop research studies to continue to improve the striper fishery.


The Coalition will make available to its members every educational opportunity including Striped Bass eMagazine. It is our belief that the more you know and understand the issues surrounding the striped bass fishery, the better you are prepared to discuss and defend it from those who have no regard for the fishery.


The SBCC is not intended to be a Striper Club, or to compete with local striper clubs for members. Its purpose is to unite people with a common goal of assisting and improving the striped and hybrid striped bass fisheries from across the United States. In doing such, the Coalition will assist with getting new Striper Clubs started near lakes that have striped and hybrid striped bass stocked. The Coalition will help that club become independent and self-managed, and then assume the responsibility to become the primary local voice to promote and protect their local striper fishery.


The Coalition will be a place to draw support and political power that comes with numbers. As long as there are people out there who, either due to subbornness, or ignorance, promote the idea of catching striped bass and cutting their throats, or tossing them up on the bank to kill and waste them, we must work together to make sure the real story of how stripers compliment the fishery, gets to the public.

Legislation and Regulation

The Coalition believes that the biologists are the experts; however, sometimes Fishery Promotion & Expansion must be accomplished through new legislation.  For example, South Carolina and Georgia have worked together to make the Savannah River system striper and hybrid fishery something to be proud of.  The Coalition has worked with South Carolina and Georgia to establish Lake Russell as a Trophy Striped Bass Fishery specifically designed to produce that "Wall-hanger" fish that so many sport fishermen seek. This is an example of what a national coalition can do for its anglers.
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