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Interested in Keeping your Stripers Alive? 

Click Here for more information on the Striper Tube tm.

Link includes info for Striper Tube Purchase or Rental for the upcoming Striped Bass Challenge Fall Brawl in December.

2015 SBCC Live Systems Classic

November 14, 2015
Dreher Island State Park, Lake Murray

Lines in Water 6:30 a.m.
Lines out of Water 3:00 p.m.
Check in by 4:00 p.m.

100% Payback

Open Tournament - $150/boat including Big Striper
$200 Winner Take All Side Pot

SBCC 2015 Championship
Highest Finishing Qualifying Team takes home $1,000.00

Come join us and pre-fish for the
Striped Bass Challenge Fall Brawl!

 You may pay by credit card and PayPal or by cash at the tournament.

 2015 SBCC Championship Qualifying Teams

Hedrick, Rob; Gilmore, Wes, Jim Carver Bait Hooked ,
2 Richardson, David; Richardson, Tristan;  Richardson, Jamie,  Richardson, Tommy; Striper Redemption
3 Morse, Kevin; Morse, Charles; Morse Keith; Striper Hyper
4 Green, Mike ; White, Ryan; Bell, Randy; Bell, RJ Fishers-of-Men 
5 Christopher, Donnie; Christopher, Justin; Young, Danny; Morgan, Skip; Higgins, Thomas Jae; Team Wildman
6 Baire, Brian; Cook, Van; Barely Time
7 Foster, Shane; Boggs, Alan; Stripers Unlimited
8 Wessinger, Townsend; Team Rocky Bottom
9 Crawford, Mark , Price, Ray; Price, Adam; Price, Tyson  Team Stihl
10 Pearson, Rocky
11 Bragg, Chip; Matthews, Corey; Sea-N-Stripes
12 Hill, Mickey; Lewis, Tommy; Team Jasper Engines
13 Pass, Scott
14 Foster, Bill
15 Humphrey, J.D.
16 Turner, Warren; Wright, Ryan; Team Hiz Witness
17 Griswold, Mike
18 Boileau, Ted
19 Angello, Bob; Alley, Ray; Odum, Herb; Team Starcraft
20 Kue, Joe; Chang, Bob; Kue, Sack; Ma-Jay-Yer

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